9 Ways to get “Unstuck” and Free Yourself from your Self Imposed jail

Something that has been coming up for me through my meditating and my journaling is leaping into the unknown.  I saw such a clear picture of what it looked like for me and I wanted to share that with you. 

There’s so many times I have asked myself “what if?”.  That question becomes so haunting.  It is the worst question you can ask yourself without leaping.  Regret is painful.  Leaving yourself wondering what if is going to make yourself miss out on so much.  There may be something so beautiful waiting for you.

You have a choice.  You can stay where you are and stay unhappy/stuck, or you can leap into the unknown.  Yes, it’s scary.  But what is there to lose if you are already unhappy.  What do we actually have without happiness?  It’s going to be scary.  It’s going to be uncomfortable.  But your soul needs you to get uncomfortable in order to grow into who you’re supposed to be.

Imagine you were standing outside of a dark cave, not being able to see where it leads.  You hear there may be the most incredibly beautiful, once in a lifetime, view on the other side.  But nobody knows for sure.  The cave may just be dark with bats.  Do you stay where you know you’re safe, standing outside of the cave wondering your whole life if you missed out on something truly incredible?  Or do you go into the unknown and possibly experience the most amazing once in a lifetime view? 

All of this made me think of how so many of us feel stuck.  At some point we may feel stuck because of so many factors.  I’ve been there.  I lived there for years.  But in reality, we are not stuck.  We are just living in a self imposed jail.  It took me a long time to realize this.  So, I put together 9 ways to help you get “unstuck” and free yourself from that self imposed jail.

What would you do if…

I know you’ve heard this a million times.  But it’s so valid.  What is it that you would do if money didn’t matter.  What would you do if it didn’t matter what other people thought.  Try writing it down.  Nobody will see it.  There will be no judgment.  See what comes up.

What are your natural born talents?

What are you naturally good at?  What are you good at that makes you happy when your doing it?  You don’t have to force yourself into doing something with your life that doesn’t feel right.  Start with what you’re good at and build off of that.

Stop comparing

Please, please, please stop comparing yourself to others.  Stop comparing where you are in life with others.  There is nothing good that comes of this.  It’s so hard, especially with social media today.  But your life is not theirs.  You are here for a purpose and that purpose is yours.

Limiting beliefs

That self imposed jail that I talk about, well it’s bars are mainly made up of limiting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs, fears, and self doubt all need to be released in order to get “unstuck”.  What lies are you telling about what’s important to you?  What fears do you have about what you want in life?  What has held you back from following your passion?  Something that came through today was that seeing is not believing.  Believing is seeing.  There is no need to “know”. There is a need to believe.  Those limiting beliefs that you tell yourself aren’t real.  They’re lies your ego tells you to hold you back.  The sooner you realize this the sooner you will free yourself.

Stop resisting change

Instead of resisting change, welcome it.  We can get so afraid of change that we stay “stuck”.  We need that massive personal transformation.  We need to release what doesn’t serve us any longer.  Change is not bad.  Change is good.  Change is needed.  Sometimes we need to let everything crumble so that we can rebuild on more solid ground.  Change can feel like an attack, but it’s not.  It’s a gift.

Take a break

Take some time to slow down.  Take a break.  Play.  Take yourself out of your day to day.  Go on vacation.  Go out in nature for the day.  Take a walk.  Go dancing.  Do something you enjoy.  Get inspired again.  We can get “stuck” when we lose our passion.  Sometimes all we need is a little spark to inspire us again.  This happened for me one day when I went on a run outside.  I spent the day in nature and I had an aha moment.  That was the moment I figured out how to free myself from my self imposed jail.

Stop putting your energy into “energy zappers”

Take a step back and look at what you are putting all of your energy into.  Is it providing your life value?  What is not working?  What is it that you want and what are you doing every day to get you there?

Get uncomfortable

Change doesn’t come from staying comfortable.  Staying comfortable doesn’t allow you to grow.  This is something that I always had trouble with.  Why?  What is so hard about getting uncomfortable?  Because someone might think something about you?  People are going to have thoughts about you and what you’re doing no matter what.  Comfort zones and playing it safe will never bring you where you want to go, they will keep you exactly where you are.  If you feel “stuck” then your comfort zone has turned into a jail.  It’s not working for you any longer.  You may have heard people say that the scary things in life are the most worth it.  It’s true, because getting uncomfortable brings you to places that you never thought possible.

Ditch the map

We need to stop letting others control where we are going and what we are doing.  During one of my meditations the image of driving came up.  I was told to drive.  You are the driver, you aren’t the passenger.  Only you can drive.  Take control.  Don’t look at the map.  The map is useless.  Don’t follow the map.  Just drive, with no known destination.  You won’t know where you are going but where you end up will be beautiful.  The twists and turns and the hills may look scary, but the map will only bring you to places you’ve been.  The map will drive for you.  This works the same with life.  Stop looking at the map.  Ditch the map.  Get uncomfortable.  Instead of putting all of your trust in the map for your life, trust that you know where you’re supposed to go.

Stop asking yourself what if.  Take a step forward and walk through that cave.  Throw the map out the window.  Get uncomfortable.  Embrace the unknown.  The view at the end may be so worth it.



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