How to Overcome Fear & Stop Holding Yourself Back

When talking about pursuing a goal, where does fear come from?  Fear comes from doubt.  Doubt in yourself, your abilities, your gifts.  Fear comes from your ego trying to keep you “safe”.  You are not meant to follow fear and be kept safe, you are meant to conquer fear and grow.  Fear is there for a reason.  Fear is there because there is a lesson you need to learn and something you need to overcome in this life.  You should pay attention to the things that scare you when pursuing your goals, and you should run towards them.  Have you ever heard the saying, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small.”?  It’s true.  You’re dreams should scare you.  Because if they don’t, that means you are staying confined to what you know and staying in your comfort zone. 

Fear is holding you back from everything you want.  Fear is driving you toward the dead end.  The secret is that you can decide not to listen to it anymore.  Once you realize that fear isn’t real and it can’t hold you back unless you allow it to, your life will change.

Below are some ways you can start to overcome fear and move into your life with confidence. 


What is your goal?  What is it that you want to accomplish?  What do you want your life to look like? 

And most importantly, why?

Defining your why is so important.  When you set out for a goal you NEED to define your why.  If there is no reason WHY you are working for this goal, then how are you going to stay motivated?  It’s going to be hard.  Your why is what pushes you forward when the obstacles show up.  Your why is the reason you get up earlier and stay up later to push for success.  Your why is the reason you get up and work on the weekends.  Your why is your drive.  Your why is your ambition.  Your why is what’s going to get you to your dream.

Take out a piece of paper and write down your why.  Describe it in detail.  Keep it at your desk or in your wallet, wherever you can easily access it.

When that doubt and the fear creep up, go back to your why.  Let your why push you through your fears.  That why that you just described is the reason you’re going to do it scared.


This takes work.  It takes effort.  I have been working on my mindset for a year now and I still have my days.  Start meditating, journaling, reading (I post a new book recommendation every month), find a coach, whatever works for you.  Your mindset is so important, especially if you’re wanting to push past your fears and take that next step in your life.  Your mind really is your greatest tool and your greatest weapon, but it can also work against you if you don’t train it well.  You need a strong mindset.  Train your mind to see the truth of the situation. 

Why are you feeling fear?  What is so scary about this next step?  Identify why you’re scared & work on your mindset for what comes up.


What someone else is doing or where they are on their journey has nothing to do with you.  Looking to others for inspiration is one thing, but beating yourself up over why you’re not where they are in life is feeding your fear.  It’s creating an imposter syndrome.  It makes you think that they have something that you don’t.  You’re scared that you’re not going to be as good as them. 

None of this is true. 

Remember, everything you see on social media is filtered.  You see what others want you to see.  You don’t see all the behind the scenes of their struggles or how they had to fight to get where they are. 

Not only does comparing leave less room for inspiration with what you’re actually supposed to be doing but you’re not supposed to be a watered down version of someone else.  You have your own gifts.  You’re own voice.

You’ll be amazed at how inspired & free you become when you stop comparing your life to other people’s lives. 


That dead end in the photo above, that’s where your comfort zone will lead you.  You’re never going to get anywhere staying in your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is an excuse that comes from fear. 

Step out of your comfort zone, conquer your fear.

Rip the bandaid off and start doing things that are out of your comfort zone.  I promise you will realize that it’s not so scary after all.  It actually feels pretty good.  It feels right.

You’re not meant to end up at a dead end.

If you’re wanting to overcome fear & stop holding yourself back ask yourself if you will end up with regret if you don’t push past these fears.  Is there even a sliver of a chance you will regret it if fear wins? 

Regret will stay with you for the rest of your life.  Fear will be gone as soon as you take the leap.

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