May Book of the Month

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This month’s book is Moonology by Yasmin Boland.  I use this book pretty much every month during the new and full moon.  This book explains why the moon is so powerful and magical.  She explains the phases of the moon and how to work with each one.  If you’ve been wanting to learn about the moon, start working with the moon, or deepen your work with the moon this is a great book to check out.

She explains the new moon’s magic and how to work with it every month.  She gives you ideas of how to build your own new moon ritual.  This book really goes in depth on manifesting with the new moon.  There is also a guide for how to work with the new moon in each of the 12 signs depending on which sign the moon is in currently.  She gives the themes of the moon in that sign and different actions to take or intentions to set.  There is also a chart to figure out which house the moon is in on you chart.  She then gives a theme, what to expect, what to manifest, what to visualize, idea to keep in mind, a message, a meditation booster, things to do, top 3 affirmations, essential oils to work with, numerology, a mantra, what chakras to focus on, guiding archangel, and a guiding goddess.  SO MUCH INFORMATION.  I love using this book with my new moon ritual, it helps me go so much deeper.

Yasmin also goes in depth into the magic of the full moon and how to work with it’s energy.  She goes into how to build your full moon ritual.  Just like the new moon section, Yasmin goes into detail of how to work with the full moon in each sign.  She gives a general energy of that moon, top five questions to ask yourself (journal prompts), a message, finding balance between, forgiveness ritual, and a gratitude ritual.  There is also a guide to the full moon in each house with what to expect in the coming weeks, emotion alert, message, releasing certain issues, finding balance, what to forgive, a mantra, and an affirmation.

There is also a guide to the daily moon in each sign.

This book is packed so full of information.  I highly suggest it if you’re looking to start or already have a moon practice.


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