Miscarriage & Trying to Conceive from a Man’s Perspective: An interview with my husband

Today’s blog post is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for awhile.  I feel that this topic is so important.  After going through my miscarriage I found that there were many women coming forward to raise awareness and support each other.  The community is so strong and supportive.

What I noticed was that there weren’t many men speaking out.  Men go through miscarriages too.  Maybe in a different way, but that baby is 50% them.  Men lose babies too.  Men go through infertility too.  They also just lost their baby.

I went about this post a bit different.  This post will be in an audio file.  I felt like it was really important for his voice to be heard and for his experience to come out in his own words only. 

This is a very raw & emotional conversation with tears on both ends.  It was extremely hard to get through, but I decided to release it because I truly think it’s so important to be heard.  As you can hear if you listen to this interview emotional trauma from losing a baby is real, in both men and women.

Thank you to my amazingly supportive husband for helping me through that time and for sharing his heart to help others.

Click the link below and listen to the interview on multiple available streaming services.


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