Morning Mindfulness


Start making decisions out of know, not panic.  There are times we get so frazzled about what to do next and make decisions based on that frantic panic, I know I have.  I can confidently say that I have regret about 100% of those decisions that I made out of panic, because they weren’t aligned.  It was settling.  It was safe.  I did what I thought I should do.  I never took time to ask myself for the answer.  I say make decisions out of know because you do know the answer.  It may not be crystal clear and cookie cutter,  but that’s life.  Your life doesn’t have to be cookie cutter.  Before making a big decision please, please take some time to ask yourself what to do.  Then trust that it’s right, even if everyone tells you you’re losing it.  I say this from experience.  You know what feels right.

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