Morning Mindfulness


We can talk and plan about starting something all we want, but that’s going to get you nowhere.  When I got the idea for this blog and bought the domain, it took me 5 months to post on it and actually get it running.  5 months!  I thought I had to have everything perfect.  Wow, was I wrong.  When you’re a beginner at something you’re going to suck, that’s okay.  When you’re consistent and keep going you learn and get better.  Everyone sucks when they first start something.  I look back at my blog when I started and I cringe a bit.  And you know what?  I bet I’m going to look back in a year and cringe again, and that’s okay!  That means I’ve grown and I’ve gotten better.  I hope I look back and cringe.  Because if I don’t, that means I’m in the same place a year from now that I am today, and that is what would truly suck.

We have this thing about not wanting other people to see us not be the best at what we’re doing.  Who cares!  Those people you look at and are like wow they know what they’re doing, they once were at the beginning too.  They once sucked too.  But they kept going.  They invested in themselves. 

So, stop being all talk no action.  Stop planning and act.  Now is the time. 

Just start.

Figure it out as you go.  That’s where all of the inspiration and ideas come from.  It’s like a ripple effect.

So what are you going to start today?

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