Morning Mindfulness


I found myself thinking about how so many people are feeling stuck and confused right now.  This is what came out:

There are solutions beyond what we can perceive.  If you’re feeling stuck, a lot of times all we need is to shake things up in order to see a n ew perspective.  If you keep doing the same things that got you to this point of feeling stuck, then you will stay stuck.  Stop doing the same things over and over again & expecting different results, it doesn’t work that way.  I had to learn this the hard way.  Be open to seeing the world around you differently.  Take the sunglasses off.

Sometimes everything needs to crumble for us to see the truth behind the unsteady foundations we have built.  We need to let ourselves be cracked open and let what is not serving us to crumble into dust in order to let the new in.  But you need to allow it to happen first.

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